Press Página understands that communication is the key factor in any organization. No matter the size of your company, you need to communicate to:

  • Retain clients;
  • Face the competition by gaining new clients;
  • Motivate your employees;
  • Be recognized for the level of excellence of your services/products.

Our Communication Plans features all the services described below – that may be hired separately:

  • Press consultancy

    We publicize regularly, within an ethical, updated and creative context, your actions, services and products. The goal is to make your company well-recognized in the market and make you and/or key people from your organization natural references for the media in your field of work.

  • Events consultancy

    We coordinate and advertise congresses, fairs and exhibitions – seeking to expand recognition from the target public and cooperating to increase the volume of sealed deals.

  • Electronic clipping

    Our clients have an exclusive webpage inside our website with restrict access, in which all the clippings from published news concerning their brand are stored.

  • Media training

    We train our sources to face a journalistic interview in a safe and well-prepared way, even in crisis situations.

  • Crisis managing

    We are apt to identify and tackle situations in which the reputation of the brand/company or its main executives’ is/are put into question. With communication tools and ethic positioning, we act promptly to avoid any harm to the company’s image, financial losses and increase in vulnerability when it comes to safety.

  • Content managing for websites and social media

    It is part of our 360° communication scope to manage website contents, publishing stories specially created for our clients, as well as others national and international published texts that concern the target public. We are also apt to create content and to manage social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Performance review

    Our clients receive a monthly report with performance graphics as well as the stories we worked on and links with media results. This tool is extremely useful for performance verification and strategic action alignment.

  • Electronic newsletters

    We create and manage the communication between your company and your stakeholders (internal and external clients, suppliers, prospects, partners etc.). With a modern design and clever content, the newsletters are another important communication tool.

  • Institutional blogs

    We create and manage blog content as well as the relationship that is stablished between readers/clients.

  • Publications

    We develop newspapers, bulletins, murals, magazines and books.

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